Child Protection & Safeguarding

We have a legal duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children (as set out in our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy).  We are committed to ensuring that all pupils remain safe and free from harm.  Part of this is the active partnerships and work we do with appropriate external agencies.


  1. Children have a right to be safe.
  2. Parents have a right to be informed.
  3. Children are best protected when parents and school can work together.


To avoid any misunderstandings, parents of children who sustain accidental injuries that result in significant cuts/bruises/fractures should inform school on the next working day. School will inform parents of any concerns about their children (providing it does not compromise their safety) and will help and support them as necessary.


School will actively seek to prevent children suffering abuse and neglect through the development of an open culture that informs children of their rights and encourages them to speak about any concerns. The School will also address the issue of children's safety through the curriculum.

Responding to Concerns 

If a pupil makes an allegation of abuse, or where it appears to staff that a child may have been abused, then this will be reported to social care.  In most cases school will contact parents to share their concerns.

Child/Child Abuse

Physical and emotional abuse of children by other children will be dealt with through the School's anti-bullying policy. Parents will be kept informed. 

Child Protection Conferences 

School will attend conferences and provide information about children and families. This information will be shared with parents beforehand.


Information from parents about possible child abuse cannot be kept confidential. Information and records about children on the Child Protection Register will be given only to those people who need it and will be kept strictly confidential by them. If parents have concerns, they should contact the Headteacher/ Deputy Headteacher.

For details of our Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy, please click here